From the Esco - EP

by Qualian

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Recorded on Friday the 13th, in the canopy of an old warehouse, "From the Esco" marks an adventurous first impression as Qualian's debut EP. Ranging from blues rock & alternative to latin & folk, "From the Esco" clearly exemplifies Qualian's aim to utilize different genres while still staying true to themselves.


released July 29, 2014

All songs are original and composed by Walker Renfrow and Aidan Kelly.

Walker Renfrow: lead vocals, guitar
Aidan Kelly: bass, guitar
Baylor Wordsworth: guitar, bass
Lee Sullivan: guitar, bass, electric organ, melodica
Gray Renfrow: drums

Sound effects in "S.H.T.F." composed by Aidan Kelly

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Merritt Partridge

Artwork by Walker Renfrow

A huge thanks goes out to Merritt Partridge, Evan Fritsch, the entire Kennedy family, all of our friends & family, and God for help and support in countless ways.




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Qualian Raleigh, North Carolina


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Track Name: Desert Snow
The sun sends a bright glare upon my eye.
The horizon is so pale. Where is the sky?
There's three moons around me; never thought I'd know.
I fell down to the cold earth in desert snow.

D-d-d-d-d-d-d desert snow.
There's a blue gleam behind me. The sun makes it cold.
D-d-d-d-d-d-d desert snow.
There's three moons around me; never thought I'd know.

Out west, in the mountains, there's a lonely cave.
The echo last forever, it'll drive you insane.
The rain makes mountains crumble; never thought I'd know.
And in the end, it all turns into desert snow.
Track Name: S.H.T.F.
Most expect to wake up again
'Cause no one likes to think about an end
But when chaos arrives and you're panicked & scared
You'll realize preparation was your only friend
You know you've got to turn the page
When the easiest day was yesterday.
So we're gonna hit the road
Hope to see you 'round
Just know it won't be safe when it all goes down

Woah- woah woah woah- woah

It will all pass over if you if you stay unseen
And the coast will be clear from behind the green
Just keep your mind straight and time on your side
Keep your head down and your senses keen

Criticism is expected for thinking ahead
But don't let the others trick you or you'll be left for dead
You might be called freak, but they don't have a clue
'Cause am I really crazy or is it you?

Woah- woah woah woah- woah

Track Name: Halloween Time Machine
There are some times in life where you have no room to voice.
And there are moments when you do not have a choice.
But let me tell you, friend: it aint such times as this.
Till death I'll rue the day that I could have had your kiss.

Out of the car, and into the door. You sat on the couch. I sat on the floor. Still so close but I wanted more. Too bad I was not sure.
I left for while. You came to check up. I did not suspect there was anything up. Why did I not guess that you wanted me too? I guess now my chances are through.

Oh, I loved her. All I had to do was hold her. Oh, I loved her. Why could't I just have told her?

Sometimes I wonder if it was for the best. But, then again, I'd like to get this feeling off my chest. All I've ever known is touch; teach me how to taste. Why did I choose this opportunity to waste?

Weeks had passed and you decided to say, "Please tell me why didn't you kiss me that day." Trust me I would have, if I had the okay. I just couldn't have risked it that way.
If only I'd known that you loved me back. Maybe I'd not be having this heart attack. Now your after him cause he's got more game. Just know he won't love you the same-

Like I, oh, I loved you. All I had to do was hold you. Oh, I loved you. Why couldn't I have told you.
Track Name: Good As I
Oh, I live in a house on the side of the road where the race of men pass by.
Some are good, and some are bad;
just as good or bad as you and I.

Here they come,
oh, here they come;
watch 'em go.

Oh, I've seen many a man that's done way worse than I; compared to some I'm a saint.
So If you think just 'cause I'm boozin', you can come here accusin', I'm gonna show you I ain't.

So if I'm goin' down for drinking my sorrows,
Well then the rest of you hypocrites are goin' too.

Oh, I walk by a house on the side of the road where the men that are lost come to die.
Though they should, they never had
any way to save themselves from their own minds.

Here we come, oh, here we come;
watch us go.
Where we come from, where we're headed;
no one knows.

Regularly, it occurs to me that in order to be as good as he, I might as well die, I might as well leave, 'cause no one on earth appreciates me.

So if I'm goin' down for drinking my sorrows,
Well then the rest of you hypocrites are goin' too.
And let me be because I wont be here tomorrow,
And I now know that there will be a better chance for you.